Imagine a world where myth is real. Faeries dance in forest glades, angels protect the Church, demons corrupt the weak, and wizards wield magic beyond the ken of other mortals. You play these magi, gathered in covenants with your allies and servants, unlocking secret powers and creating wonders. When adventures draw you out into the medieval world, your stories are the stuff of legend. - from the Offical Ars Magica website.


This is a wikia dedicated to Ars Magica, a fantasy roleplaying game now in its fifth edition and published by Atlas Games. This wikia's purpose is to serve as a repository of general information about Ars Magica, to provide players and Storyguides with an array of resources for use in their own sagas, and to serve as a place to post fan-created material. It is our hope that this wiki will not only help you add depth to your next Ars Magica saga, but will make it easier to set up and run as well.

The Ars Magica Wikia contains a wealth of historical and Hermetic information intended for use in Ars Magica sagas. Readers and contributors should not regard this material as factually correct; rather, historical material on the Ars Magica Wiki should be regarded as an interpretation of the available information intended to fit within the framework of Mythic Europe as established by the Ars Magica RPG and its supplements.

All material on the Ars Magica Wiki is written under the assumption that the fifth edition rules are being used, although much can be used for any version of the game, or indeed any fantasy RPG. If you post material for use with an older edition of the Ars Magica rules, please flag it appropriately.

If you would like to contribute to the Ars Magica Wikia, we'd love to have your help! Please read our Contribution Guidelines before proceeding.

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