Born: 791
Died: 1119
House: Bonisagus
Nationality: Saxon
Current or last covenant: Scapa Flow
Parens: Gaius the Elder
Apprenticeship: 796 - 811
Gauntlet: 811
Filiae: Tiberius Greyhand, Marcellus Lector, Fulminatus, Prospero
Member of: Lineage of Biluous

Biluous of Bonisagus (791 - 1119) was a Hermetic Magus of the 9th-12th Centuries. A founder of the Covenant of Scapa Flow in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, he was also the originator of the Lineage of Biluous, an esoteric tradition with members in four Hermetic Houses. He was a member of House Bonisagus, widely known as a master of Auram and a great teacher; three of his former apprentices would go on to become Archmagi.

Biluous was born in 791 in a small village on the coast of Saxony. At age five he was found by Gaius the Elder, an apprentice of Bonisagus himself, and trained in the Hermetic Arts. He was facinated from the beginning with the phenomenon of weather, and his parens enoucouraged him to study and master the subject magically.

In 812, after passing his Gauntlet, Biluous departed from the Rhine Tribunal and traveled to Stonehenge. Arriving too late to participate in the struggle between the Order and Damhan-Allaidh, he instead traveled throughout the island Tribunals, locating and investigating a number of magical sites and building a network of contacts and associates. Four of these, with Biluous himself, would settle in the Orkneys to found the Covenant of Scapa Flow in 821.

Due to political machinations in the Rhine, and later because he never pressed for the honor, Biluous was denied the title of Archmagus until 1041, despite having been the foremost master of Auram in the entire Order for many decades. He was considered an Archmagus by many long before. Shortly after he was granted the title he slipped into a long Twilight.

After awakening, he trained three more apprentices and saw the reinvigoration of his Covenant before finally slipping into Final Twilight in 1119.

Apprentices of BiluousEdit

Biluous founded a lineage of weather and storm Magi (the Lineage of Biluous) which endures to this day and now spans four Hermetic Houses: Bonisagus, Tytalus, Ex Miscellanea and Flambeau. In his long life he trained five apprentices:

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