Among Hermetic Magi The Gift is the capacity to work magic. Only those with The Gift may learn Hermetic magic, but not all of them learn it. The Gift is very rare, appearing in perhaps one person in every ten thousand. There are many theories as to what causes The Gift but none of these are generally accepted as fact. One down side of the Gift is the strong emotional effect the Gift has on those around the Gifted person, making them suspicious and mistrustful of the Gifted individual, inspiring envy. Social interactions between Gifted individuals and the mundane are especially difficult. Mundane animals are also greatly unsettled by the presence of someone with The Gift.

The discoveries of Bonisagus the Founder, specifically Parma Magica made the Order of Hermes possible since Parma Magica blocks the unsettling effect of The Gift entirely, making it possible for magi to work together towards a common purpose.

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