Greater Alps Tribunal
Localization (as of 1220): Alps
Current and past covenants: The The Cave of Twisting Shadows Domus Magna of House Criamon (?-present)
Valnastium Domus Magna of House Jerbiton (773-present)
Notable magi:
Current sourcebook:
Sanctuary of Ice: The Greater Alps
(4th Ed.)

Source books and other referencesEdit

Sanctuary of Ice: The Greater Alps, the source book dedicated to The Greater Alps Tribunal is a Fourth Edition work, so at least some adjusment is necessary. Also, unfortunately, little history is presented for the two domnus magni, though present day situations and recent history is provided.

The House Jerbiton section of Houses of Hermes: Societates provides some Fifth Edition information about Valnastium, just as Sanctuary of Ice contained some information about House Jerbiton. The House Criamon section of Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults has less information about its Domnus Magna.

Overall, aside from any conversion you would expect to have to do regarding character stats, there still minor changes in what is written up in Fifth Edition, and some omissions as well. For example, the Larta Maga mentioned in the Valnastium section of Sanctuary of Ice are not mentioned in the Fifth Edition Jerbiton write up. These omissions in Fifth Edition can make the tribunal book more valuable, as they can be good additions that don't really contradict the major rewrites between editions.

Covenants of the Greater Alps TribunalEdit

The tribunal book indicates that two more extant covenants exist, but has left those to the storyteller or troupe to develop.

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