For years, huntsmen in the area have told tales of a red hart, seen occasionally in the wilderness, which has never yet been brought down. The tale is told that the beast is of faerie nature and that its virility is so great that many of the deer found in these lands are its offspring. In some versions of the tale, the hart was once a mortal princeling who cuckolded a King of the Fey, and was thus cursed.

If the hart can be caught and slain (and it is very elusive,) there will be found 6 pawns of Creo vis in its blood. However, if its semen can be collected (the methodology of which is left up to the imagination of enterprising individuals,) it itself contains a pawn of Creo vis per occurrence.

The hart can be captured, but its nature is such that it must be allowed to mate very frequently, or it will perish within a short span of time. After one season of abstinence, it will attempt to mate with any living thing nearby - including humans - and grow frenzied if it cannot. The following (third) season it will grow very passive, and it loses its vis-generating abilities. In the fourth season it will grow very ill and die. If the hart begins mating again (with other deer) up to the end of the third season, it will eventually recover.

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