House Diedne was renounced for diabolism and human sacrifice by the Quaesitores and its members were ruthlessly hunted down and destroyed in the Schism War, principally by members of Flambeau and Tremere, but with others as well, and while several Houses (including Bonisagus) strove for neutrality, none sided with the Diedne. The House was destroyed, but its leaders were never found, and may have escaped capture and execution. They, and their lineage, are still subject to a sentence of death by the Order.

Ars Magica Houses of Hermes

Bjornaer · Bonisagus · Criamon · Díedne · Flambeau · Guernicus · Jerbiton · Mercere · Merinita · Tremere · Tytalus · Verditius · Ex Miscellanea


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