Old Ignacio has grown olives in this little valley all his life. So did his father, and his father's fathers all the ways back to the days before there was an Emperor in Rome. His small grove does not produce a vast number of olives, and they are of only a bit better than average quality, but his trees are very old. Ignacio pays homage to the Pope, as did his male forbears, and nobody bothers him.

In every harvest (in winter,) the grove produces but a handful of lustrous white olives, very distinct from the green olives that the trees typically produce. Most harvests there are only a few dozen of this type. If pressed for their oil, the yield contains Creo vis, enough for 4-9 pawns per harvest. Long ago, Ignacio's father's father found that strange men would visit him and trade silver for this oil. Thus it has been ever since, and thus it will be when Ignacio's son tends the grove after his father's passing.

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