The Judgement of the Grand Tribunal of 1011
Type: Tractatus
Language: Latin
Topic: Code of Hermes
Quality: 11
Level: N/A
Author: Deciana of Jerbiton

The Judgement of the Grand Tribunal of 1011 is a work written by Deciana of Jerbiton in 1043, containing a detailed account of the proceedings of the Emergency Grand tribunal held at Durenmar in 1011, at which House Diedne was renounced from the Order of Hermes. Deciana was the apprentice of one of the participants in that fateful meeting, and served as scribe to her parens. Years later, this book was compiled from her notes, with particular attention paid to the legal arguments employed.

The book is written in Latin, and is a tractatus on Code of Hermes with a Quality of 11.

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