Lauclan of House Verditius is a magi of the Covenant Ungulus (in 1033) in the Stonehenge Tribunal. He is the filius of Cyprian from the Roman Tribunal, though Lauclan himself is of Irish decent.

Lauclan has a reputation for being very reclusive and it is said he has not left the confines of Ungulus since the Schism War. During that great conflict he was assigned the duty of defending Ungulus while the many Flambeau of the covenant were out engaging the Diedne. Even though the war ended and many of the Flambeau from Ungulus never returned, Lauclan has never ceased his original assignment. He is just as obsessed today with defending Ungulus as he was during the Schism War.

While little specifics are known as to what types of magic he specializes in, it is said that he weaves defenses into the very structure of Ungulus itself, almost as if the building itself is part of him.

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