The Lineage of Biluous is an esoteric tradition of Magi with the Order of Hermes, tracing its decent from the Magus Biluous of Bonisagus. As a whole the lineage is known for its relative aggresiveness and for producing a number of Archmagi.

The lineage currently has members in three of the Hermetic Houses; a fourth branch in Ex Miscellanea is thought to have died out. Members of the lineage in other houses occasionally refer to themselves as members of a lineage beginning with the Magus who founded the branch within their House, but all are considered by the Order as a whole to reside within the Lineage of Biluous, and the various branches maintain close ties. The lineage and its branches are presented below.

The Bonisagus LineEdit

         |                  |                 |                        |             |
 Tiberius Greyhand   Marcellus Lector     Fulminatus            Proculus Imbrii  Prospero
 (joined Flambeau)          |          (joined Tytalus)                |             |
                            |                                          |             ?
                +-----------------------+                +-------------+-----------------+
                |                       |                |             |                 |
      Antoninus of Burgundy      Luminius Dacius       Aurora  Procellus of Saxony    Iorianus
                |            (joined Ex Miscellanea)

The Flambeau LineEdit

                                       Tiberius Greyhand
                               |                              |
                      Tiberius the Younger            Septimus Radianus
                               |                              |
                        Tiberius Tertius           +----------------------+
                                                   |                      |
                                            Tiberius Perosus       Gnaeus Reboare

The Tytalus LineEdit

                               |                              |
                        Coriolanus Ruber              Cassius Fluctoare
                               |                              |
                               |                              |
                        Clavius Redactus               Mandratus Typhon
                               |                              |
                               |                              |
             +-----------------+-----------------+    Claudius Temptestas
             |                 |                 |
       Julia Procella    Admilla Venta        Varianus

The Ex Miscellanea LineEdit

                                       Luminius Dacius
                                        Donal of Muray
                                       Arabella the Fair


Characters of the Lineage of Biluous should take either a Major Magical Focus (Weather Magic) in the Bonisagus line, or a Minor Magical Focus (Storm Magic) in the Tytalus or Flambeau lines. An affinity with Auram is also appropiate for the Bonisagus line, with Aquam in the Flambeau and Tytalus lines.

The Ex Miscellanea branch is thought to be extinct since the disappearance of Arabella the Fair, but followed the Bonisagus pattern.

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