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Loch Leglean Tribunal
Localization (as of 1220): Scotland, Shetland and Orkney Islands
Current and past covenants: Scapa Flow (821 - Present)
Notable magi:
Current sourcebook:
Lion of the North: The Loch Leglean Tribunal (For Ars Magica 3rd Edition)

The Loch Leglean Tribunal is the administrative district of the Order of Hermes which encompasses Scotland and many neighboring islands, including the Shetland and Orkney Islands. It is known for its many Magi of marginally Hermetic learning. An overwhelming majority of the tribunal are members, even if by default, of House Ex Miscellanea.

Covenants of the Loch Leglean TribunalEdit


Lion of the North: The Loch Leglean Tribunal (For Ars Magica 3rd Edition.)


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