Located in the Roman Tribunal, Magvillus is the Domus Magna of House Guernicus. A study in contrasts, Magvillus is at once both the center of law and stability within the Order and a covenant at war with itself as Traditionalists and Transitionalists battle for control.

Magvillus is a massive, nigh-impregable fortress located in a remote, mountainous region near the town of Potenza in southern Italy; in 1100 this region was a part of the Duchy of Apulia and Calabria before its conquest by the Normans. Magvillus is isolated from the mundane world and is only accessible via steep and treacherous paths; even Hermetic Magi who arrive are permitted only in the reception house outside the Covenant itself. The Covenant is the seat of the Magvillus Council, the supreme judiciary body of the Order of Hermes.


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