In the middle of a quiet glade there is a flowering tree whose trunk, at certain angles, looks distinctly feminine in shape. The tree flowers in the spring and at this time 4 pawns of Creo vis can be harvested. Harvesting this vis angers the spirit of the Black Knight, who in a jealous rage tied his wife to the tree and murdered her. He begins haunting any person who makes simultaneous trips to the glade to harvest vis. Even as a spirit he is consumed with jealousy and will want to know why the person is ‘visiting’ his wife. If the person continues to visit the glade, he will eventually attack the person.

When the Black Knight is defeated, the tree will no longer flower and the trunk will no longer resemble a woman. The spirit of the Black Knight’s wife that was imprisoned within the tree will have been freed, and the tree will no longer produce any vis.

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