Muto symbol
The Hermetic Symbol for Muto
Meaning: I transform
Pronunciation: "MOO-toe."
Type of Art: Technique
Abbreviation: Mu

Muto is the Art of transformation and transmutation. By using Muto magic a magus can grant or remove properties something cannot naturally have. Muto can give a person wings, turn their hair blue, or transform a person into a wolf. The difficulty of the magic depends on the extent of the change, so that turning someone's skin green is easy, but turning someone into a golden statue is difficult.

Limits of Muto MagicEdit

Hermetic magic cannot change something's Essential Nature, instead Muto effects add or subtract qualities that would not naturally be associated with the target. As such, these qualities are usually temporary and the item reverts back to its original form once it is no longer under the effects of the magic. Thus, a glass of water changed into a glass of wine will revert back to water when the magic expires.

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