After the final battle versus Damhan-Allaidh, Pralix found herself the leader of a large army of hedge wizards from many varied magical traditions. These wizards were less than enthusiastic about joing the Order of Hermes due to the restrictions and rules that governed the Order. Pralix decided to spurn the Order, and instead formed the Order of Miscellany to serve as a rival to the Order of Hermes. This angered many within the order, with House Flambeau eager to go to war with the fledgling order. In 817 Trianoma traveled to Cad Gadu to diffuse the situation and to try to bring Pralix back within the fold. Finally a compromise was met and a 13th House was founded as House Ex Miscellanea and given equal rights within the Order. The admittance of the 13th House nearly doubled the size of the Order of Hermes at that time.

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