Covenant: Riaccu Carmenta

Founded: A.D. 1220

Location: Southern Corsica

Founding Magi: Podrick ex Tytalus, Jea-Luc Barbara ex Mercere, Anobii ex Bosagnus, Maia ex Miscellanea, Maeve ex Bjornaer, Sinan ex Flambeau, Adriannus ex Criamon

Covenfolk: 20

Magical Arts Library: Creo 6/12, Intellego 9/6, Muto 10/7, Perdo 6/12, Rego 12/8, Animal 4/5, Aquam 0, Auram 6/12, Corpus 12/8, Herbam 14/10, Ignam 9/11, Imaginem 9/11, Mentem 10/7, Terram 5/6, Vim 0

Founded with support from Mercanticum, a Summer Covenant in the French Alps.



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