Welcome to the Saga of the Covenant of Aedis Cinerium

This will serve as a place where we can chronicle the events of our current Ars Magica saga. Hopefully in time others will use this namespace for the same purpose and we will have many different sagas chronicled on this wiki. As I develop this namespace further I hope to have a space in this namespace for each of the players in our current campaign to keep their own 'journals' and to thus have our entire saga preserved.


The Covenant of Aedis Cinerium was founded in the Summer of 1215.

Here is the forum for the Aedis Cinerium saga.

The Magi of Aedis CineriumEdit

Former MembersEdit

The Companions of Aedis CineriumEdit

Former CompanionsEdit

The Charter of the Covenant of Aedis CineriumEdit

We the magi of the covenant of Aedis Cinerium, in order to establish a place of orderly learning, insure our common safety and welfare, and to secure a position of prosperity and influence, do hereby establish this charter for the covenant of Aedis Cinerium. We pledge our lifelong support and loyalty to the covenant of Aedis Cinerium, and declare that the trials and fortunes of this covenant are now ours as well. We swear to uphold this charter and protect this covenant regardless of personal price. We will abide by the decisions of the established leadership of this covenant, remain ever loyal to the covenant, and in times of need, swear to aid the covenant in whatever way we are able. We will treat our fellows with respect and fairness for they are our strength and we theirs. Where the covenant stands, there do we stand; how the covenant grows, so do we grow; if the covenant falls, then do we all fall.

Section 1 – MembershipEdit

There shall be two forms of membership within the covenant of Aedis Cinerium, that of Dicipulus or student, that of Socius or partner. All members of the covenant of Aedis Cinerium will be expected to be fully gauntleted magi of the Order of Hermes in good standing and pledge to uphold and obey the Code of Hermes and the Peripheral Code. The Socius shall be regarded as a full voting member of the covenant and the Dicipulus shall have no voting rights.

Every member of this covenant shall be entitled to the basic rights of the covenant, which include, full and unrestricted access to the protection and support of the covenant within the boundaries of the covenant by all the rights and benefits accorded by the Code of Hermes, the benefit of a sanctum which shall remain inviolate, access to the library of the covenant, services and skills of the servantfolk and covenfolk, and victuals appropriate to the status of a magus. It should be noted that in the case of a conflict of needs, the requirements of the Socius supersede that of a Discipulus. Further conflicts of need will be resolved by certamen.

The title of Discipulus will be assigned to a fully gauntleted magus who wishes to become a member of Aedis Cinerium but has not yet achieved the rank of Socius. Discipulus are not permitted to attend the annual meeting of the covenant unless invited by the Princep. They will be given a token only if it is deemed necessary, and will have no access to the resources of the covenant unless approved by the Princep. After three years of continuous residency at the covenant the Princep will review the Discipulus with the Socius and together decide either to raise the Discipulus to a Socius, or to ask him to leave the covenant and not return. This will require a Quorum vote. Once rejected from the covenant a magus will not be accepted as a Discipulus again and will only be afforded the hospitality due a traveling magus.

Section 2 – Elected OfficesEdit

There shall be two elected offices within the covenant of Aedis Cinerium, that of Princep and that of Lictor. Upon the foundation of Aedis Cinerium, the gathered magi will select from amongst their number one magus who will serve them as the Princep. This position will be filled by a Quorum vote. The candidates for said office get no vote in filling said position. Once the vote has been completed, the winning candidate shall immediately take office as Princep or Lictor. For all other purposes in this document, the Princep and Lictor are also both Socius members.

The Princep and Lictor shall serve until such time that by Quorum vote the Socius of Aedis Cinerium, choose to remove them and in doing, select a new Princep or Lictor. The Socius must choose from amongst their numbers for the position of Princep or Lictor, and having done such, any Princep or Lictor retains the status of Socius once removed from office. The positions of Princep and Lictor must be filled by two individuals and cannot be the same person. The Princep is expected to listen to the counsel of the Socius but is not bound by this charter to follow.

The Princep will be responsible for running the annual meetings of the covenant. These annual meetings will be scheduled at a time chosen by the Princep. At this meeting all vis owed to the covenant or it's magi shall be paid, the aegis of the hearth will be cast, and all covenant issues will be brought forward, discussed and settled. Any Socius that is unable to be present for the casting of the aegis will be given a token upon his return. This token will be his responsibility and if it falls in to other hands he will be held directly responsible. All other tokens will be created at the direction of the Princep and remain in his possession and be given out at his discretion.

The Princep will be given the power to assign simple tasks to Socius. Assigned tasks must be for the betterment of the covenant. These tasks are to be within the ability of the Socius and are not to place him in any undue danger. These assigned tasks will also not be expected to occupy more than two weeks in a season so as to not conflict with a socius’ seasonal activities. The Princep may also offer longer tasks with a defined reward so that any Socius may undertake this task in order to reap the reward. If more than one Socius wishes to undertake an open task they may chose to work together and divide the reward or, if it is their preference, the Princep will assign the task to one of them based on merit and ability.

It will be the responsibility of the Princep to represent the covenant of Aedis Cinerium to the tribunal. Any treaties, arrangements or deals made by the covenant must be done so with the approval of the Princep. The Princep will also be held responsible for the protection of the covenant and the covenant's resources, though he may assign others to perform tasks, if these tasks are abandoned or ignored the final responsibility falls upon him. This may include such tasks as casting the aegis, defending the covenant, or acquiring resources for the advancement of the covenant.

It will be the responsibility of the Lictor to handle the collection and safe keeping of covenant resources. It is the Lictor’s responsibility to protect the resources of the covenant and if the Lictor is not present or able to for some reason, the responsibility falls to the other Socius of the covenant. Unapproved access to Covenant resources by members of the covenant for personal use will be penalized under the rules established in section 5. It is the Lictor’s responsibility to bring said abuse to the attention of the Princep. Further details regarding the responsibilities of the Lictor will be covered in section 4.

If the membership of the covenant is unhappy with either elected officer a vote of no confidence can be called for at the yearly meeting and the officer removed by a Quorum vote.

Section 3 – CertamenEdit

If there is a disagreement between two Socius that can not be settled through discourse then a contest of certamen shall be used to settle these differences. All Socius will be expected to represent themselves in these contests and no champions shall be permitted. These contests will be held in the presence of the Princep and any other Socius that are able to attend. The contest shall be overseen by the Princep and provided the contest is seen to be properly executed the outcomes of these contests will be binding.

Section 4 – ResourcesEdit

Vis sources that are found by a Socius or Discipulus will be considered the property of the covenant and will be marked as such, however the magus that finds said vis source will be entitled to one half of it's annual harvest. Those who harvest vis from a covenant vis source that is deemed difficult or dangerous to harvest will be granted one quarter of the annual harvest from said source.

In order to assure the safety of the covenant sufficient stores of vis will be kept in reserve so that the aegis can be cast and study and research at the covenant can be continued uninterrupted. Each year, each member of the covenant, including all Dicipulus and Socius will pay to the covenant, two pawns of vis of either Rego or Vim. If a magus is unable to make payment or arrange for payment to be made on his behalf, he will be expected to make the payment as soon as possible. If the Princep feels a member is abusing this policy it will be his responsibility to assess a penalty as detailed in section 5. These payments of vis shall continue until the covenant has a combined total of Rego and Vim vis of no less than fifty pawns. So long as the stores stay above this threshold of fifty combined pawns magi will not be expected to make an annual payment of vis. The stores shall be assessed each year by the Lictor after the collection of vis, payment of vis and the successful casting of the aegis.

Section 5 - PenaltiesEdit

If a member of the covenant should take action that is counter to this charter, violate the Code of Hermes or the Peripheral Code, then that member may be fined by the Princep. Fines will be that of vis and must be paid within one year of the issuance of the fine to the Lictor. Expulsion is a decision that the Princep may not make alone. In the issue of expulsion all Socius will be given a vote and a unanimous decision is required. Expulsion is the only means by which a Socius shall be denied his basic rights. If the membership of Aedis Cinerium determines that this charter need be amended it may do so with a Quorum vote.

Section 6 – OtherEdit

If the membership of Aedis Cinerium determines that this charter need be amended it may do so with a Quorum vote.

Vis Sources of Aedis CineriumEdit

Vis Source Description

The Library of the Covenant of Aedis CineriumEdit

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