Ruins of the Aibling Mire

Behörde des Aibling SumpfEdit

[Authority of the Aibling Mire]

Along the southern bank of the Mangfall, the water whispered through a multitude of finger like roots as it tread wearily along to an inevitable meeting with the river Inn, and later, the Danube. The final destination of the flow is of little consequence to the tendrils of the moor, swaying gently as the Mangfall would lift and bears the decomposing mass aloft. It knows nothing more than death and decay of the matter within, Herbam and Animal alike, equal in its tender embrace. The fauna had long since learned the secrets of the mire, the signs of where to step, what to avoid, where to leap and rest, and leaving trace evidence of their passage in the form of game trails. Even this presents danger to the man that is foolish – or desperate – enough to defy the mire’s icy grip; one wrong step leading to death as certain as winter snow.
Upon the banks of the river there rests a dock, repaired half-heartedly a dozen or more times over three times as many years. From the dock, the cautious traveler might be willing to brave Geheimnis der Straße; they might be willing to ignore the legends of the bygone era, the ruins of long buildings and tall towers through which this street of secrets leads, but few can pass the stein-zit without gawking in wonder at the faintly glowing spirals as they sweep up and down the polished surfaces of the obelisk. Gawk as they may, none can bear to remain close to the ruins, often hastening away in the darkest night, seeking the certainty of the moor’s instability over the ambiguity of reality that pervades the most primitive part of the mind while within the stones mystic aura. In times of legend, a great company of scholars made their home here, seeking to understand mysteries of land and mind, but generations have come and gone since the last of the scholars vanished and the last servant ambled away to seek the welcome respite of death.
Few knew the truth of ruins. Home not to scholars or monks, the long decayed buildings once housed a powerful covenant of the Order of Hermes. Works of magic had been common place in these halls in the time of Godfrey the Bearded, granting this margrave of Antwerp boons and powers that no mortal man could rightfully call his own. Great power had come to his the rulers through their relationship with the Magi of the Aibling Mire, but even that power was reduced to the curiosity of the spirals on the strange obelisk in the center of the ruins. It has been too long, as far as Louis I, Duke of Bavaria, House of Wittelsbach, was concerned. Now he surveyed the ruins for the last time. After years of communications and missives, gifts and promises, Louis had convinced the Order to once again establish a foothold here in the moors of southern Bavaria. In a year, perhaps two, the ruins of buildings will be torn down and replaced with fresh, new structures, serving the young magi of a new covenant…a “spring” covenant, he is told it is called. Great things await him, he knows. All he must do is harness the potential of the covenant. All he needs is the influence the Authority of the Abiling Mire.

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An Invitation to Play

Behörde des Aibling Sumpf, or Authority of the Aibling Mire, is an Ars Magica saga starting in Lakeland, Florida in the spring of 2009. This wiki site will be the central location for information sharing and off-line collaboration between Storyteller and Players. We are currently seeking players, so if you live in the Lakeland area and are interesting in gaming one night a week.

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