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The Lost Covenant of Venice The Lost Covenant of Venice is a Saga set in the Roman Tribunal. The Saga begins in the year 1221 when two young mages are sent to Venice, to find the Covenant of Dulcis Fons, which has been out of contact with the Tribunal for 40 years.

This saga uses Ars Magica 4th Edition Rules.





The Saga begins on the 3rd day of May, 1221, as Jerolin of Bonisagus and Ursula De Luca of Jerbiton meet for the first time in Venice, in the townhouse maintained by Magvillus. A great deal of political maneuvering has already occurred between the two covenants of Literatus and Magvillus to get the young magi here. Magvillus is currently ahead in the power struggle, and Favila is losing support in Literatus.


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