Timeline of events
1048 Spring
  • Lapideus investigates the strange note.
  • Chalybus reads from Perfection of Form to increase his understanding of Creo.
  • Bellepheron reads "Seeds of Insight" for some intellego.
  • Lapideus investigates the strange note. After deciphering it into a strange, nonsensical Latin phrase, he investigates the note for enchantments and finds a Creo Imaginem effect and a Muto Terram effect with an animal requisite, as well as a watching ward that he activates. The note transforms into an invitation from Lochlainn and an arcane connection to Ungulus.
  • Chalybus researches, once again, the strange key of Vexatorus. He realizes that the key in the activator for some magical effect or device.
  • Bellepheron visits Schola Pythagoranus. Ges his freak on with the maga Dutchess Angelique and finds out she's into sadism, marking her loves with a scar somewhere on their bodies. Well don't worry magic fans, Bellepheron is too slippery to get caught in this web. However she is into Bacchus and his rites. Bellepheron does want to play those reindeer games either, but some how her cat familiar gets one over on him. It gets something from him. Probably an arcane connection. Looks like I'm getting a dog.....
  • Lapideus studies Form of the Dragon to increase his understanding of Ignem.
  • Chalybus learns The Invisible Eye Revealed at the fifth magnitude from a lab text in the Covenant library.
  • Bellepheron reads "Seeds of Insight" for some intellego.

  • Lapideus travels to Ungulus in hopes Lochlainn can help him understand how to enchant structures. Lapideus is highly annoyed by Lochlainn's bizzare mannerisms and speech and frustrated with by his personality quirks but endures for the sake of knowledge... barely.
  • Chalybus reads from Perfection of Form, increasing his knowledge of Creo.
  • Bellepheron reads "Seeds of Insight" for some intellego.

1049 Spring
  • Lapideus continues to study with Lochlainn. Lapideus is still very annoyed and frustrated but endures for the sake of knowledge... barely. Again.
  • Chalybus reads from Command of All Things, improving his understanding of Rego.
  • Bellepheron decides to kick the Parma into Overdrive and reads "Evasion".
  • Lapideus continues to study with Lochlainn. This time he is given a book to study from, to his great relief, and spends the Summer studying from this work.
  • Chalybus reads from Blood and Phlegm once again, increasing his knowledge of Corpus.
  • Chalybus also travels again, this time alone, to the Winter Covenant of Lux Draconis, hoping for an audience with Vexatorus. Transported into some hidden chamber within the fortress, he has a short conversation with the old Magus, learning that Idwallon is at Blackthorn for a reason, and that Vexatorus himself is planning to pass on soon. The mysterious key unlocks the vault of Lux Draconis, which holds Durendal and who knows what other treasures.
  • The Welsh warleader Gryffud ap Llewellyn lays seige to the Covenant of Blackthorn, attempting to fulfil an old foretelling. Bellepheron and Chalybus observe the action there intermittently, Chalybus attempting to remain inconspicuous. With Quaesitorial oversight present at Blackthorn, the response of the Magi there is very restrained.
  • Bellepheron feels a lower profile is in order and studies "Perfection of Form".
  • Chalybus extracts Vim vis in his laboratory, yielding 7 pawns. He adds this to his existing stock, for a total of 10 pawns of Vim vis.
  • The seige at Blackthorn continues, with actual engagements remaining minor and infrequent. Gryffud himself takes an arrow wound from a sinper on Blackthorn's wall, while under a flag of parley. Belleopheron and Chalybus believe the archer to have been the Magus Nicolaus.
  • Lapideus continues to study Lochlainn's magnificent Tome. at the end of the season he leaps to his covenant to cast the aegis, only to return and continue his studying.
  • Bellepheron studies "Perfection of Form".

  • The seige at Blackthorn continues with no progress made.
  • Chalybus invests ten pawns of Vim vis into a talisman, an arming belt called the Girdle of the Champion. It is made from interlocking plates of steel and bronze, trimmed in a braid of copper, gold and silver wire and with a buckle of brass. Each plate is inlaid chequy sable and argent, in jet and bone, respectively.
  • HEE hee, Chalybus wears a girdle. But his shape is more attractive.... He should just work out more instead of investing in a girdle.
  • Lapideus Has gained enough knowledge and has been found worthy to be initiated into a hermetic mystery cult.
  • Good for Lapideus, but for the real readers, Bellepheron reads "Revealing the Traces of Magic". Bellepheron has also got a load of books from Magvillius. Now I have Code of Hermes books. Ho, ho, ho.
1050 Spring
  • The seige at Blackthorn continues with no progress made.
  • Chalybus invests the ability Stride of Seven Leagues into the Girdle of the Champion.
  • Lapideus writes a note to Cad Gadu asking to copy a book on muto. He spends the rest of the season studying magic theory tractatus, Rods, Staves and Wands.
  • Bellepheron reads "Rulings of 931".
  • The seige at Blackthorn continues with no progress made.
  • Chalybus reads the tractatus Spell Design and Creation, to imrpove his knowledge of Magic Theory.
  • Lapideus travels to Cad Gadu to begin copying the muto and auram summa. increasing his skill in profession scribe.
  • Bellepheron reads "Rulings of 964". Due to the siege it may be determined that Bellepheron was behind it and he's making sure no charges will stick.
  • The seige at Blackthorn continues with no progress made.
  • Sigurd, captain of Crom Gleann's grogs, returns to the Covenant after having taken care of some family business. He sepnds the season instructing Chalybus in the art of swordsmanship.
  • Lapideus,after a brief jaunt back to his covenant to cast the aegis at the end of the season, continues to copy the muto and auram summa. increasing his skill in profession scribe.
  • Bellepheron reads "Rulings of 997". Oh yeah, gaining Diedne Lore may put him in some hot water, too.
  • A breakthrough is made in the seige of Blackthorn. A tunnel leading beneath the fortress' wall magically opens up behind the great tree that was once Idwallon of Merinita, and thousands of Gryffud ap Llewellyn's troops pour into the fortress. They take the Magus Niclaus by surprise and slay him, but the rest of Blackthorn's Magi wall themselves up in the covenant's library long enough for them to engineer an escape. The Covenant itself is now in Gryffud's possession.
  • The Quaesitor Cassianum arrives at Crom Gleann and questions Bellepheron and Chaylbus about their involvement with the situation at Blackthorn, but Chalybus truthfully maintains that all rules of propriety (and the Code of Hermes) have been followed. Bellepheron is questioned privately on other matters. Cassianum requests to stay at Crom Gleann for the season; this request is granted, but not before the Magi scurry to hide all the tomes of forbidden lore that currently reside in the library.certain books have been removed from the library.
  • In a private meeting, Bellepheron speaks with his old love Cassianum about his involvement. Also he is told he is being looked at as a Quaesitor. Oops, he better get back to his studies on that stuff.
  • The fortress at Blackthorn crumbles, presumably thanks to the magic of the Magi of that place. Chalybus is injured in the collapse.
  • Chalybus and Bellepheron make a brief trip to Cad Gadu to inform them of the events at Blackthorn, speaking with Kjartan Stormcaller. They learn that Renatus has allegedely been slain in the Rhine. Both Bellepheron and Chalybus are dubious.
  • Oh yeah, Bellepheron loots the place along with Chalybus. What? It was abandoned, right? Well, other than the invisible magus in the library. We gain some lab texts and an urn from Mortifera's lab. This will be a problem later, mark my words.
  • Lapideus continues to copy Summae at Cad Gadu, improving his scribing ability.
  • Upon returing to Cromm Gleann, Chalybus engages in vis extraction, yielding four pawns, as he heals from his injury.
1051 Spring
  • The Covenant of Blackthorn re-establishes itself on the site of Taeglyn. The members of Taeglyn either join Blackthorn or seek their fortunes elsewhere.
  • Bellepheron looks for a black hound that haunts some moors as a familiar. Boy does our protagonist get into trouble... It appears crossing the Aegis with the urn has released a spirit that eats vim vis to stay alive. Oops.
  • Lapideus continues to copy Summae at Cad Gadu, improving his scribing ability. At the end of the season, he returns to Crom Gleann with the copied tomes. Chalybus and Bellepheron are especially pleased to add the Auram Summa to the library.
  • A maga new to the Stonehenge Tribunal, Damiana of Flanbeau, arrives at Crom Gleann seeking membership. After consulation amongst the Magi, it is agreed to extend a provisional membership for a term of five years, providing for three seasons of service to the Covenant and the addition of several books to the library.
  • The traveling Covenant of Semitae arrives at Crom Gleann.
  • Lapideus studies Elementary Greek in preparation for studying his numerology book.
  • Lapideus also follows Intortus, the leader of Semitae as he looks at the cairns and casts intellego vim spells. He claims he is looking to see if they have been damaged.
  • OK so Bellepheron is not a happy camper right now. We have Diedne books in the library, a ghost hauning our covenant, a hoplite wannabe shows up, Intortus is wandering around the grounds and no dog! Just great. Fortunately our don't get caught in the cookie jar.
  • PS Semitae is a covenant of suspicion with Bellepheron now, he doesn't get a warm and fuzzy from their visit. And why did Lapideus follow Intortus? Are we all incompetent, now?
  • Bellepheron decides to take the Parma up again. Reads "Withstanding Assault". This covenant is beginning to suck. We're up to our eyeballs here and nobody but him sees it.
  • Lapideus studies An Examination of Vis to increase his vim score.
  • Lapideus at the end of the season he casts the aegis.
  • What do you mean I didn't get it done at tribunal. Bellepheron has a little discussion with Damiana about losing two of our vs sources. She better start understanding that we are the good guys here or its gonna be a short stay at the covenant.
  • Bellepheron reads "An Examination of Vis". For gods sake Lapideus ask what we're reading... This is why we take out the books we read for the season so mistakes like this don't happen, you paranoid piece of spoor.
  • Lapideus extracts vim Vis.He can't believe that members from his own covenant would create a ghost just to have a look in his lab.
  • .
  • .
1052 Spring
  • Lapideus studies An Examination of Vis to increase his vim score.
  • Bellepheron learns"Sense the Lingering Magic". Gotta keep on track to be a quaesitor.
  • Bellepheron reads "Elementary Greek". He is after all a linguist.
  • Lapideus Creates and learns the spell Piercing the Magic Veil.
  • .
  • Bellepherongets some spells from Magvillius. Learns "Impression of the Faded Sigil".
  • Lapideus Creates and learns the spell Piercing the Faerie Veil as well as determining the mystic aura.
  • Lapideus at the end of the season he casts the aegis.
  • Bellepheron does his Longevity Ritual. Yeah he's been lucky so far. No reason to press his luck at 40.
  • Lapideus Creates a ring to allow him to Seven-League Stride.
  • .
  • .
Chronicle Next Year

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