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Timeline of events
1058 Spring
  • Lapideus Finds a book just sitting on the shelf in the library after the new magus sets up a spirit ward. It appears to be composed of mathematics describing siege engines but it is in Latin, beautifully bound in silver and very intricately illustrated. Lapideus takes it to his lab, though it hurts him to do so, He takes a snippet of one of the page markers and fixes it on a bracelet, Lapideus masters penetration for the Obsidian shaft.

  • Lapideus learns "Command the Living rock" - moon duration

  • Lapideus learns "Command the Living rock" - both concentration and circle

  • Lapideus learns "Rarefy the Earth"

1059 Spring
  • Lapideus opens his new found book for enchantment including extra material of a magnet, granite, basalt, opal, rock crystal, and marble, on top of ink of Hermes, silver, and papal wood taking 16 pawn of vis to do so, and to also prepare it as a numerologists book.
  • Lapideus also gets a response back from his parens, Arthog, that he knows of a place with the right material for a rock elemental familiar, and would eagerly travel with me. I must wait a year for it is located in the outskirts of the Levant Tribunal, Egypt in particular. this gets Lapideus excited on the possibilities for Egypt is know to have been an ancient source of many magics and magical traditions, as well as rumored to be the location of the Great Library of Alexandria and the pyramids

  • Lapideus attunes his new book and is EXTREMELY surprised that the book as some additional qualities (he now has a flat +5 to vim) which seems to bear some additional insights into various things (above and beyond a numerologists or divination book). Lapideus bemoans that he now has more paths of power to explore and deal with on top of whats already on his and his covenants plate... perhaps this unexpected find will bring him closer to his reason for going down the path of hermetic architect. But it has has also definitely kicked up his paranoia an extra notch or two (sometimes its better to not know things...).
  • The Covenant also learns that Pontiuos has died in a supposed lab accident, seeing how this is just after Lapideus sent a letter inquiry and He received a response from his other teacher in a vary odd matter, this "accident" is highly suspect. Regardless, that's what the covenant of Crom Gleann needs, more intrigue, because there isn't enough of that going on.

  • Lapideus has several inquires from his soldales about the book, which he explained in great detail again the events of finding it, and that he made it into his talisman.
  • Lapideus studies The Mailed Fist of Hermes to increase his perdo skills
  • The covenant holdings were attacked by the slue most of the magi went to where they thought they would be but they appeared in the other valley leaving Lapideus to try and deal with them. Along with 5 guardsmen, Lapideus sent riders to inform his soldales, and went to the site to try and take care of the problem or at least mitigate the damage. the Slue proved to be too numerous and Lapideus's skills are not up to handling so many at once, yet. Loosing 2 guardsmen they beat a hasty retreat. His soldales did not arrive in time to take care of the problem.

  • Lapideus learns a new variant of a current muto spell.

1060 Spring
  • The Covenant is rocked by an earthquake that seems to have ht the whole tribunal and perhaps beyond.
  • Lapideus's beautiful covenant takes the quake but the walls are cracked as well as foundations, as much as fixing this is on his mind, the very first thing he checks is the cairns and the spring. Sure enough the rock face is split much, much wider. Thankfully, the regio pathway is still being held shut. Per Bellepheron, there are now cracks in the prison as when the vis re,supply was disrupted. So Now Lapideus is in a real bind on what to do first, make the weapon to take on the "supposed" dragon, mel'gweneth, that is trapped in that regio? Continue on to Egypt? Investigate the book? Heal the covenant building? work on the sleu? Right now it's looking like he might try and get into the regio, the need for information concerning this has gotten so high right now, who knows maybe it will turn into something else and the need for urgency could be abated, or another threat entirely, and rather then wasting season upon season on a fictional threat he can devote time to a real one.

  • Lapideus and Arthog travel to the Levant, a crystal cave that has the necessary componets to make what he is looking for. Lapideus call into being a crystal earth elemental. he and arthog travel back transporting "Prismatis". Lapideus will owe Arthog 2 seasons of work for the transportation.

  • Lapideus creates the "Ballista of Lapideus" a bow that casts ballista shafts of obsidian at a target 24 times a day doing terram damage of 35 + roll with 62 points of penetration. it is only good for one year after first use.
  • Lapideus binds the earth elemental "Prismatis" as his familiar and finishes fixing his lab from the earthquake effects..

1061 Spring
  • Lapideus increases the bonds to +2 for all 3 bonds

  • The Tribunal for Stonehenge convenes
  • Lapideus studies "command over fluid form" increasing his aquam.
  • Lapideus receives a cryptic message from Intoris which Lapideus eventually translates into meaning they need to take down the ageis in 5 days. to help an unknown "friend"
  • After contacting intortis again the timing was wrong, it was meant to delay casting 5 days. This upsets everyone as the amount of vis wasted is  so much. plus Lapideus has to come back from helping Arthog to deal with this matter.
  • Lapideus returns, and within 5 days, A very VERY frazzled Lachlan. he doesn't speak he is barricading himself in the back corner of Lapideus's lab.


1062 Spring




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