Entombed in a crumbling mausoleum near the ruins of a monastery in Wales lies the remains of St. Teilo. Before he was killed by Viking Raiders two centuries ago, it was said that Teilo had the power to relieve true believers of their afflictions. If recovered from the grave, the skull of St. Teilo can be filled with water from the nearby stone built pools of water fed by a natural spring. From the water poured from his skull, 3 pawns of Creo and 2 pawns of Corpus can be obtained. Ordinary water will not work and the water needs to come from the pools (which are known as St. Teilo's well, for obvious reasons). The wielder of the Skull must be a person of faith or the Skull will produce no vis. The Skull may also be used to heal the wounded or the sick and works as "Restoration of the Defiled Body".

There is also a divine regio on the site of the monastery, and in the regio the monastery still exists. The monks who reside there will not be pleased if the grave of St. Teilo is desecrated. If the Skull is not returned after it is used, a curse will be laid upon the person who removed it. The Skull may only be used once per year.

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