In an overgrown and partially hidden cave there is a large, solitary stalactite formation that has formed over a pool of water. Rising from the edges of the shallow pool there four ancient stone carvings, vaguely human in form but whose features have been lost to the depredations of time. Water drips from the stalactite into the shallow pool, the sound of which echoes in the small cave. The walls of the cave are covered with the remnants of primitive charcoal drawings.

On the bottom of the shallow pool, primarily in the middle where the water drips, a thick, milky white sludge collects. This sludge can be harvested for 4 pawns of Terram vis. However, touching the water with bare hands causes twilight. The person touching the water instantly takes 3 twilight points and if they successfully perceive the twilight, they see moving visions of the cave drawings which tell the history of the primitive people that dwelt here.

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